Charity Rides

Don’t miss out on this Ride of a Lifetime!

Poker Runs America will be hosting a Charity Ride of a Lifetime event Sunday July 28, 2019 where you will have the unique opportunity to take a ride in a rumbling, thundering high performance boat in the channel of the St. Mary’s River. Proceeds from the charity ride will stay 100% local and be donated to the The Twinkie Foundation of Sault Ste. Marie.

About The Twinkie Foundation:

The idea for The Foundation arose in 2014 when two Foundation Board members had to spend 4 months in Toronto with their critically ill child to receive care at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). It was at this time that they truly understood how receiving specialized medical care for a child could create a major financial strain on a family. Many parents frequently have to take a leave of absence from work or quit their jobs altogether to get their child the medical attention they need to survive. No parent should have to add financial burden to their list of concerns alongside the emotional and physical stress of worrying about your child’s health.

Please bring valid photo ID (Passport, Driver’s License) for adult tickets. Children under 12 require a birth certificate. These pieces of identification are required for Customs clearance. Participants may be declined if you do not bring proper identification.

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